Short and Sweet: Haiku Installation #1

I love haiku.

The distilled essence.  Reducing your thoughts to the barest bones, but making them still savory.  A full meal with few words.

Traditional haiku is far more complicated than the poems I am going to present here but every once in a while I think I may actually hit the mark.

Hit or miss, these are some my haiku for you:

I Imagine life / not beyond the horizon/ but now: sweet, sweet now

Spring has not yet come / everything is underground/ little birds still sing

Buds blossom, red lips / utter contented murmurs / my heart beats for you

Beneath the clouds: light /each reflects my love for you/ come what may–I’m yours

Fall lulls me to sleep / Desire lies dormant: Winter / Spring awakens me

Pink hues fill my heart/ I close my eyes and see stars / open and it’s you

When I think of You/  little butterflies take flight/ dreams of spring come true

When we first crossed paths/ I never expected you / to bloom before me

Round and round I spun / my world unraveled before me / up at dawn: New Web

Spider Web_Benjamin Balazs

Photo by Benjamin Balazs

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