A blue crush of words: Haiku Installation #2

The last year was filled with haiku for me. Trying to distill all the emotions and ideas into something small and tangible felt like an important task. Though these are the last of the set I am presenting them as installation #2.

“Judge tenderly of me.”

my heart is pounding / old panic looms upon me / a portal opens

today i make lists / winter’s clock ticks into spring / smoke flows from chimneys

shattered into shards / like cold shrapnel magnified / fragments of my past

intense and heated / the sting does not repel me / such a small defense

what is that calling / that sound that makes me sing out / giving my wings flight

making snow angels / face up to a starry sky / winter shadows fall

wind whispers gently / a secret only the birds hear / it promises spring

black fear rises up / threatens like a tidal wave / get ready to swim

a mystery calls / a puzzle set before me / a (maze) d i move on

dear me, dear you, sigh / the conversation awaits / potent and rippling

a blue crush of words / that were not always my own / heaved upon my shore

with silent swiftness / up the hill and through the mists / ghostly forms appear

why does a lone wolf / ever leave the pack—what call  / do they hear to run

heat blossoms, travels / solar plexus radiates / deep flush overtakes

food loses color / and thoughts become distasteful / eating is a choice

small minds with big hearts / over and over we leave / the patterns emerge

a whittling down deep / something is eluding me / please reveal the grain

my words escaped me/ i was left standing alone/ deep darkness ensued

five seven five breathe / high priest in a passion play / life’s path unfolded

provision of egg/ the accident of my birth / it was no mistake

a gentle black bull/ exhales a long soft hot sigh / green grass gently frames

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