This is my letter to the world…

Emily Dickinson penned those words in 1862. For a letter never written those words seem to keep reverberating quite powerfully throughout the universe.

I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to perform those words on stage as Dickinson herself in William Luce’s one-woman show, “The Belle of Amherst.” Strange as it may seem, I began rehearsing the show 26 years ago. I performed it for the first time for my senior thesis project in college in 1989. This past February I had the opportunity to revamp it.

When I first performed the show at the age of 21, I was just a caterpillar, perhaps even in my cocoon phase. I feel like I am now a butterfly just learning to fly.

Reading Dickinson’s poems can be life altering, speaking them aloud; transformational. I know have been transformed by them.

After my first performance of “The Belle…” my Mom inscribed a book of her poetry to me, writing, “You Catherine Glynn have the soul of a poet.”

Twenty six years later I am embracing those words.

These are my thoughts.

These are my poems.

These are my letters to the world.


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