I wrote this piece on January 26th, 2020 as a part of short stories called “Fragments.” I travel a great deal for work and have been writing a series of short stories on my iPhone. Now that I am ‘grounded’ due to the pandemic and several companies postponing the workshops I lead I have time to publish my work.

At the time I had no idea that this COVID 19 would spread with such virulence, truth be told, I am not all that surprised.

On a personal note, Eva my Father’s second wife made it back to the United States and held herself under a 14-day self-imposed quarantine. Her illness was unrelated to the coronavirus. She and my adopted brother Ben are both quite well. My heart goes out to all who are being impacted by this disruption we can now officially call a pandemic.


There is nothing like a pandemic to prove that we are all connected.

Fact. My adopted brother is Chinese.

My Father, now with the eagles, lived in Shanghai for four years.

Eva, his second wife was imprisoned not long ago for standing up to the Chinese government.

She has been sick. She is now released, only now into the wild, where this virus runs rampant.

Virus’ jump like fleas, fleas once carried the plague. Jumping from animal to person, person to person country to country.


We are all connected. That cannot be contained.

It is a tangled web we weave. Within the weft are nubs, imperfections. Fabric disintegrates.

Water evaporates. A virus like this captivates an immune system like a Chinese prison, the question is will you survive it?

Will you be released?

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