A Migrant’s Mission

The Mighty Monarch…a mere migrant…they are mysterious and mesmerizing. The official butterfly of the state of Minnesota. Their migration, to quote songwriter Patty Griffen, is a ‘mad mad mission’ and it all begins in Mexico right about this time of year. Here’s a little sonnet I penned last March. Please forgive any errors in my Spanish.

Madre Mia, Madre Naturaleza
Yo soy en San Mateo: Michoacán
Soy Migrante: Somos Reyes, Reinas
procreamos por la ley Divina

My sweet Mexican mijos y mijas
March is now here. You Must find a mate
Make no mistake Metamorphosis waits
Make manifest your momentary fate

Mother, we will make our moves in the mist
The Mississippi is no match for us
Meadows and marshlands, chemical quagmires
Missouri Milkweed; Minnesota Must

Generation tras generación
Monarchs matrix is imagination

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