Hidden Gems from Sedona

a tent cannot hold

a woman in her confines

water calls her forth


though her foot be broke

she will undulate and pulse

passion unfurling


Illinois, New York

the Red Earth beckoned us here

Home has called us forth


The design of Life

weaves and spins its way toward Home

Infinite circle


dig and chop and build

come tend my gardens with care

the sun renews us


motorcycle man

and belly dancin’ woman

Alchemy of Love


we’re kindred spirits

other time and space

deep vortex of love


your ripe green olives

stem from a fertile red soil

roots twisting upwards


O pale silver moon

Diana’s shimmery orb

Soft shadows bask in your light


Pinon, cedar, sage

each step I take you infuse

Desert be my Home


red rocks pave my path

step by step I scale these hills

dusty though I be…

my soul is now clean



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