Et in Arcadia Ego: Haiku Installation #3

Last year I was in the show “Arcadia” an amazing piece of theatre written by Tom Stoppard, directed by the brilliant Leah Cooper.  It was a delight.  I just read something the other day about poets not having to write about anything if they weren’t sad and while I get it, sadness is a big bouncy diving board into some pretty deep waters…. I, however, find inspiration in things that bring me joy too. (These poems were inspired by my character Lady Croom taking her crush on Lord Byron to the next level by dabbling in a bit of poetry herself.) These haiku were my closing night gifts for my cast mates. Their characters and Stoppard’s beautifully crafted text inspired these.  If you know the play have fun figuring out which poem is for which character.

your picturesque style / bewilders and delights me / ’tis the modern style

a mind in chaos / dance your way through paradise / it’s all trivial

my young girl blossoms / nature written in numbers /bursting forth in flames

proud like a peacock / strutting your intelligence / topped and tailed of course

crossing centuries / both silent and outspoken / mysteries unlocked

toying with fractals / everything you think is wrong / magnificent mind

count your stock young man / piece by piece you fall in love / tend your grief with care

your sweet charity / tamed your fiery temperament / tempted you away

always praising love / plant gatherer and poet / dahlias scent your dreams

stalwart and worthy/ tried, true, ever vigilant / taking tasks to heart

majestic wonder / noteworthy body and mind / brought forth a genius

voting on your back / growing into womanhood /a heart opens wide

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