Happy Bloomsday!

In honor of Mr. Joyce and his fabulous and frolicking ways….


remember in austin

the day you said


(june 16 to be exact)

you said simply said


you walked into that bar

opened up


held Joyce

in your hands

like a sweetly scented pink peony

you drank the words in

such utter contentment

the perfume of his prose


you exhaled with

such conviction and ease

it’s hard to believe

you ever lost sight

of that night you won

no is a fucking powerful word



will win if you let it

yes yes yes

finally saying yes

molly bloom said





and lush-ly

molly bloom meets

katie glynn

two irish lasses

drinking whiskey

and laughing

at the men

who held them captive

a tisket a tasket grab that green and yellow basket run like red hiding hood into the woods away from and to the wolf embrace him and howl and then move on dance down the rabbit hole have your cup of tea face the queen of hearts and say off with her head. when you crawl your way back up it will be dark you’ll enter where the wild things are and do a little rumpus and cross the bridge to terabithia a wrinkle in time has nothing on you you are like the little prince no one can tame you and yet you long for bed that sweet quiet place where you can say goodnight spoon goodnight moon you wake up and pat the bunny and begin your firebrand day you will climb that tree and scream and cut your hair short and life will still be life but you will be living it that much more fully you will ask a question get an answer or not and move on you will breathe and play and eat and be interrupted…


  1. This is very musical…catchy, quirky.

    two irish lasses

    drinking whiskey

    and laughing

    at the men

    who held them captive

    The long, rambling paragraph following it reminds me a lot of the stuff I do, interesting stream of consciousness stuff.


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