Honor thy Mother

What day were you born?

How many eons have past?

How much longer can you endure?

How long have you been dancing partners

with that hot yellow star?

How ancient is the tidal pull of the sensual moon

on your amniotic waters?

Do you feel ravaged with age?

If you could speak, what would you say?

Some of your progeny

just seem to want to suck you dry,

and refuse to believe; eventually, you will die.

Others tend to you quietly,

nurturing you with grace

some gently sit on the fence,

singing tunes of benign indifference.

Some wholly revere you

while yet others

Rage, Rage!

(How dare we!?)

Against the dying of your light.




your atmosphere continues to billow and blow

as if you yourself were taking deep breaths

biding your time

Allowing us to sow

our own destiny

in your womb.

Perhaps the next generation

birthed unto you,


Regardless of your age,

Realize the eternal commandment remains the same.


Happy Earth Day 2020!  In honor of Mother Earth, I have used the inspirations from activists everywhere and drawn on specific words of Albert Camus, Dylan Thomas, Greta Thunberg, as well as the fifth commandment out of the King James Bible.

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