April’s Third & Fifth Snowstorms


As the pine’s whisper

and the geese fly overhead

just above the eves

of our aching old home

the thwap thwap thwapping of their wings

penetrates a certain chamber of my heart

and the tap tap tapping of the piliated woodpecker

on the old red pine

makes me think of Nature’s gentle jackhammer

mimicking a remote refrain

echoing in my eardrum

even the inaudible snowflakes

work in some silent euphony



the Northerly winds

blast our exposed faces

as we slide down toward little Norway

small glass beads of ice slap slap slapping our skin

there’s that rhythm repeated

sometimes a whisper

sometimes a drone

murmuring like my heartbeat

like something I own

the pressure to remember

urging me to persist

that’s it

the winds purr

‘persevere persevere persevere’


yet another

April snowstorm

Creation makes Her persuasive argument


continue and carry on

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