The Wise Fool

This sonnet is a collaboration between my brother, Futurist Jack Uldrich, and me. We are both lovers of paradox!


A wise fool once told me

The answers I was hungry for could be found in the questions

Luminously hidden in the darkest depths of my heart. 

I must go in to come out 

Listen to the Silence:

Find comfort in my discomfort, Ease in my disease

The obstacle is the path, to go forward I must heed.

The straight truth is written in crooked lines

And real logic doesn’t begin in my mind. 

The softest skill is the hardest to master 

To feel full, I must empty myself, Then

Shut the door and openly embrace the infinite.


As I emerge, the sweet illusion of reality dawns on me 

And I savor the bitter truth: my chains will set me free.

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