The Dawning

First and foremost, Happy World Poetry Day 2020!

One thing I have always loved about singer-songwriters is that, in concert, they often tell the story of the song or the inspiration before or after singing it. An invitation into their process and their secret lives.

Here’s a bit of mine for this poem: I can’t help but think having grown up in ‘The Dawn of the Age of Aquarius’ (70’s-90’s) the actual AGE of Aquarius is now happening and we all just have to learn to swim.

A few weeks ago I had the great privilege of visiting the islands of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin & Anguilla. This is a part of that experience.  I regret not getting a photo of inspiration there: a large section of street art that said, “Life is an aquarium and we all need to swim in it.” That influenced this work too.

I just read it out loud to my husband and then pondered–should I swim to the reef rather than the shore? What happens if I go farther into the water, (say, to the reef) rather than out of it, onto the shore? The thing is I now have time to give this a think. And I am really grateful for that.

The Dawning
Held aloft in the
warm saltwater
of Mother Nature’s womb
I hear the pulse of the earth
and tides combined
the whoosh and whirl of the waves
I have no fear of
being drown
or dashed upon the rocks
I let go even further
into the great
Aquarium of Life
Then swim safely to shore