Spring Interrupted

Just as March was getting her start

Mother Nature gave us a fright

It began in the Mind

Then moved straight to the Heart

We asked ourselves,

“Wait! Where and when did this really start?’

A more wicked Wind than we previously knew


and blew and


Disrupting us

Sending us askew

Many had no sense of where or which way to go

Things turned inside, outside and upside down

Panic was all around

Years from now they will say, “O, That’s where the wind went!”

They will observe the course, where it turned, and how it bent

Like that of a devastating hurricane or tornado

Because only Time will show

Which way the Winds decided to go.

This is Our Spring Interrupted

What will prevail?

A trail of greed, consumption, illness and Politics Corrupted?

Or will some form of Goodness alter this Wind’s tail?

Perhaps some Divine Injunction

Where Communities Shine

Share and really Function

With Care so deep

And a Love so rare

That years from now

Survivors will see

The focus swept away from “me. me, me”

And We

When faced with Catastrophe

Chose to move Forward

Into the Eye of the Storm

And placed our Focus on Them:

The Babies being Born.


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